I didn’t disappear, I’ve been sick. Again.

  So sorry, everyone!!!  I NEED to explain where I've been so I can stop all this added anxiety I am having.  I keep freaking out and nearly having melt downs daily, because I am so worried that I am letting each and every one of you down.  I know in a previous post, that... Continue Reading →


Social Anxiety-A Personal Nightmare!!

Well, what would Halloween be without a scary story to frighten you with!!  Or am I just scaring myself again??  See, I've already mentioned in a previous blog post, how I feel about others judging me, for how often I choose to blog on here. I've also mentioned that I have Social Anxiety Disorder as well.  So... Continue Reading →

Alexithymia-The War from Within

I am going to share with you today something that I have recently learned about myself. Something I have had my entire life along with my Asperger's Syndrome, and not even known about.   I have Alexithymia.  I cannot express my feelings, because I have absolutely no idea what I am experiencing, at any given... Continue Reading →

Inner Self Vs. Outer Self!

This is another assignment I was given to write about as a therapy for myself.  This is considered another "Mindfulness Technique" that can be used when the signals seem to be getting crossed from the inside out. Did you just read that right?  I am here to re-assure you that you DID indeed read that... Continue Reading →

My Thirsts for Knowledge!!!

I have had a whole bunch of requests for this blog post today, by my family and friends and some friendly folk, who were inquiring about ways I was able to seek knowledge at a young age and even currently. In a previous blog, I had written about my "restricted interests," and it just so... Continue Reading →

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